Saturday, October 29, 2011


We just wanted to let everyone know what autumn in upstate New York looked like! It's so beautiful!! This is our backyard...

Oh and if you feel like raking up leafs stop by our house :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


So yesterday was not a fun day in the Jones household. Emily had the flu, Mary Lynn, Carly and I were getting over a stomach bug....and Mary Lynn had to get 7 stitches up her thumb. What does this have to do with stomach ailments you may ask, and the answer would be, absolutely nothing. I'm just laying the background story here. Mary Lynn was in the kitchen washing some dishes when Carly, Emily, and Alyssa heard her start screaming "Ow, ow, ow, ow, OWWW" in louder and louder succession. They all went running into the kitchen and saw Mary Lynn bent over the sink clasping her hands together, and blood dripping off of her right hand and draining down the sink, all over the counter and onto the floor. They quickly got a towel wrapped around her hand and had her sit down raising her hand above her heart. Carly quickly called me, Emily got on the phone with Mary Lynn's doctor. Then they rushed over to the emergency care, where I met up with mom and Emily. Carly and Alyssa stayed home to clean up the kitchen (so it no longer looked like there had been a murder). This is what your mom ended up having done...

7 stitches up her thumb... One of the glasses she had been washing broke in her hand, OUCH!! So your mother now has stitches and a sore hand. Well wishes accepted, as well as chocolates and flowers, just kidding. It would be nice if you called to see how she is. I love you all!!

This is obviously Emily, NO WAIT I mean your dad updating this blog. haha

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eva's Baby Blessing

May 1st was Eva's baby blessing, and since we are lucky enough to live so much closer to them we were able to head down to visit them in Virginia and attend this special event. Carly came with us, even though she has just had eye surgery, Emily couldn't come because of school. It was a great trip, and we hope to make it again soon. This time we will make sure Carly can see and hopefully Em will make it.
Here's Carly, Ella, and Eva...CUTE!!!
The cute family! Congrats Jake and Becky.Jake, Mary Lynn, and Carly.

Your gorgeous mother and myself!

and lastly the two lovely ladies. Ella, the proud older sister, and Eva.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Car Fun!

This is the car that we picked up in Casper, WY... the day after I hit the deer outside of Buffalo. Everything that we'd had in the mazda fit comfortably in this car with room to spare. Though, it was a little hard to get in and out with only 2 doors.

This is the new Honda, Isaac found it on Craig's List, and it was a really good price for a car in it's condition. 2000 Honda Accord it's really roomy, and it drives great.

... And here's the car that Dad mostly drives, it's an automatic 1998 Subaru Forester. Em and I can't drive it until we learn how to drive stick.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Girls- Mom, Carly, Alyssa and THE GRADUATE!!!! YAY

The proud graduate, Carly, Isaac and Micah!

YAY I graduated!! The proud parents and their favorite child(or at least that's what I think!)

The Ceremony- I'm in there somewhere!!

Getting ready to head out to the ceremony. Why do they make the graduation gowns so unflattering? Who designed these things anyway?

Seminary Graduation!!!

Seminary Graduation! Yay, I can sleep until a reasonable time again!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy 61st Birthday Mom!! We Love You :)

Mom with her birthday "crown" and her cake!!

Mom's Happy Birthday Cake!!

Mom with all of her presents under her Birthday Banner; We Love you mom and hope you had a happy birthday!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


more present opening- It's amazing that you put countless hours into Christmas just to have it torn apart, literally, in a half an hour. It was a pretty great day!! Merry Christmas (better late than never!)

Ella posing for the camera.
Mom opening presents, and Emily smelling a new candle!!
Dad in his AWESOME new hat, he loves it and wears it everywhere!!

Isaac got an AMAZING new hat from Renae!
Micah was in charge of handing out presents this year, that's why he's digging under the tree!

Mom reading "The Night Before Christmas" to a rapt audience!!

Ella, playing the part of Mary while Dad/Grandpa read the story of the birth of Christ.

Mom and Sister Cowan, a sweet lady who mom visit teaches, who came for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Dinner.

Thanksgiving & Washington D.C

Jake, Becky, and Ella. We had such a great time with them, and Thanksgiving was DELICIOUS, bravo Becky!!

Mom and Dad looking a little chilly at the World War II monument with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.

Emily in front of the World War I memorial.

Personally my (Emily) favorite part - LINCOLN- yay!! I don't know why but I always thought it would be so cool to see this statue and I finally got to see it, and you know what he is a pretty intimidating looking guy.

Dad in front of part of the Vietnam Memorial, after some persuading to even take the picture, looking quite dashing!

We had the opportunity to go to DC while visiting Jake and Becky. this is Mom, Dad, Emily, and Ella at the New York Part of the WWII memorial. Ella is wearing the hat to mom's coat because it was very windy & cold that day, but still amazing to see the capital!!

We were luck enough to be able to go to Jake and Becky's for Thanksgiving this year, we had a great time! This is the adorable wreath that Becky made to hang on the front door.

Autumn Leaves

There were piles of leaves this size surrounding our house waiting for the leaf guys to pick them up. Needless to say those were long days of raking leaves.